Jan 19, 2021
Press Release

Rep. Ted Lieu on MSNBC

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DPCC Co-Chair Lieu Appeared on MSNBC, Saying the House Vote to Impeach was Supported by Republicans and Democrats Because
Evidence that Donald Trump Incited a Violent Attack on Our Democracy is Undeniable

(Washington, DC) Congressman Ted Lieu (CA-33), Co-Chair of the House Democratic Policy and Communications Committee (DPCC), appeared on Weekends with Alex Witt on MSNBC. Lieu, also an impeachment manager, explained there is overwhelming evidence the President incited the violent attack on the Capitol.

“What the American people saw on January 6th was a violent attack on the Capitol, resulting in multiple deaths, that was incited by Donald Trump. The American people were watching crimes unfold in real time. And with every passing day we get additional new videos that show it was even worse than we thought on January 6th. The video that MSNBC just showed, we hear these domestic terrorists say things such as ‘F you police’ except they use the actual four-letter word. Once they got inside the Capitol, we hear one of the terrorists say ‘we are listening to Trump.’ There is a trove of evidence that shows that Donald Trump incited this violent attack on the Capitol in order to stop Congress from formalizing his defeat and Joe Bidens win. And that resulted in multiple deaths,” said Lieu.