Nov 8, 2021
Press Release
House Republican Rep Madison Cawthorn Promotes Same Dangerous Election Lie that Led to Insurrection, Warns of ‘Bloodshed,’ Suggests He May Be Forced to ‘Pick Up Arms against a Fellow American,’ McCarthy Remains Silent

In Case You Missed It:  Over the weekend, House Republican Representative Madison Cawthorn continued to promote the same dangerous lie that led to the violent January 6th insurrection. Cawthorn warned of ‘bloodshed’ and even suggested he may be forced to ‘pick up arms against a fellow American,’ over the lie.

Meanwhile, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy refused to condemn the dangerous comments yet again. Cawthorn’s remarks came less than two weeks after Republican Representative Mo Brooks expressed sympathy for domestic terrorism while law enforcement heroically worked to stop a threat outside the U.S. Capitol.  

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