DPCC Co-Chair Dingell: Working Americans Need New Roads and Lower Health Care Costs Now

Jun 11, 2019
Press Release




WASHINGTON, DC – Congresswoman Debbie Dingell, Co-Chair of the House Democratic Policy and Communications Committee (DPCC), appeared on At This Hour on CNN to discuss Democrats’ For The People Agenda to lower health care costs, rebuild America’s infrastructure, and fight corruption in Washington. Below are excerpts from the interview. Click here to watch the video

“I think we got to get the facts. I do not want to divide this country further. I think it's very important that we come together…I am focused on trade. Trade is one of my number one issues. I’m focused on health care. There's a pension crisis in this country. We need an infrastructure bill. I am focused, yes, I want to get the facts. Nobody is above the law. But I think we’ve got to deliver for the American people. And that's what they expect us to do. They expect us to work together. These are issues that are impacting working men and women every single day, and when I’m home in my district, I’m hearing about it.”

“We had a theme during our last governor's election, fix the ‘blank’ roads. I won't say it on national television. People want to see us working these issues. So when the President walks into a meeting and says I’m not going to work with you on infrastructure, that worries people.”

“I think Donald Trump won because people thought he cared about the issues that mattered to them. They were tired of partisan bickering and wanted to see somebody shake things up. Well, he shook things up, but a lot of the issues that he said he would deliver on, he hasn't delivered on either. I think people are tired of people taking shots each other. And there are some that are dug in on both sides. But what they really want is to know that somebody cares about them. Cares about their jobs, cares about their having a safe and secure retirement, cares about whether they can afford their prescriptions, whether they can educate their kids, whether they can put food on their table. Those are the issues, whoever wins in 2020 is going to have to show that they care about. That's what I think is going to be the winning message. And we'll see where we are next year. But I think the American people are tired of all this name calling. I think there's name calling on both sides. I think they want to see us talk about things that matter to them.”