DPCC Co-Chair Cicilline: Comey’s Testimony Raises Real Concerns About Trump’s Attempt to Obstruct Justice

Jun 9, 2017
Press Release
Cicilline Demands Answers From Trump White House


WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Congressman David Cicilline, Co-Chair of the House Democratic Policy & Communications Committee (DPCC), appeared on Fox News with Tucker Carlson to discuss Former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony. Click here to watch the video.


“We [heard] today [during] testimony from Director Comey that the President of the United States attempted to impede, influence, [and] prevent an investigation from proceeding, and that should be concerning to everyone. [Trump] made it clear to Director Comey that he preferred that the investigation be concluded.”


“Obstruction of justice is an effort to impede, influence or prevent an ongoing investigation…It is unlawful for the President to do that in respect to the FBI – saying to the FBI Director I want you to drop that investigation is not permitted.  This [action] further reinforces why we need to understand why the President is so eager to stop the investigation surrounding Michael Flynn.”


“When the President of the United States tells the Director of  the FBI [to] stop an investigation that has to do with the untruthful statement of Michael Flynn, you do not know the scope of that investigation. Once that investigation begins, it may in fact lead to additional information… It is inappropriate for the President of the United States to tell [this ] to the Director of the FBI - who is responsible for overseeing an investigation, which he has already acknowledged exists between the Trump campaign and the Russians to determine if there is collusion – and to interfere with any part of that investigation.”


“Let’s conduct an investigation. Let’s follow the facts. Let’s determine what the facts are. This is a serious allegation. Let’s make sure we support these impartial investigations by the Senate Intelligence Committee.”


“This investigation and this White House being rife with scandal means we can’t get work done for the American people: making college affordable, creating good paying jobs, raising people’s incomes.”