DPCC Chair Cicilline: We Will Get the Truth

Jun 11, 2019
Press Release




WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman David Cicilline, Chair of the House Democratic Policy and Communications Committee (DPCC), appeared on The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC to discuss congressional oversight. House Democrats are focused on fighting For The People to lower health care costs, rebuild America’s infrastructure, and take on corruption in Washington. Below are excerpts from the interview. Click here to watch the video


“We'll get witness statements, 302s, which are FBI reports. We'll get all of the documents, really, that are referenced in the Mueller report that support the findings of the Special Counsel. Today the Committee staff was over at the DOJ, in an initial show of good faith, looking at initial documents. And over the next several days, their protocols will be established for the Members to be able to go and begin our review.”

“It is my understanding all those documents will be provided. Obviously we’re going to have a vote tomorrow on the civil contempt citation, so that if there is a disagreement about documents not being furnished, we will have the mechanism to go and compel their production. But we expect that all the documents we’ve requested are saved for the grand jury testimony. Which, of course, tomorrow we will authorize the Committee Chair to initiate civil proceedings to obtain the grand jury proceedings as well.”

“In the last recent example of the Starr report, Ken Starr went to court to get permission to release the grand jury testimony, and the day he released the entire report, he also produced 17 boxes of documents, including the grand jury proceedings. He did that on his own. That's what transparency looks like. Mr. Barr has refused to do this, so this will authorize the Judiciary Committee Chairman to initiate litigation - seeking the authorization from the court to release the grand jury proceedings, without the assistance of Mr. Barr. It would have been nice if the Attorney General did it in a collaborative way with the Committee, but he expressed repeatedly that he had no intention of doing that.”