DPCC Chair Cicilline: Democrats Are Getting The Truth For The People

Jun 17, 2019
Press Release





WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman David Cicilline, Chair of the House Democratic Policy and Communications Committee (DPCC), appeared on The Situation Room With Wolf Bliltzer on CNN to discuss House Democrats’ commitment to congressional oversight. Cicilline reaffirmed that Democrats will hold the Administration accountable while also working For the People to lower health care costs, rebuild America’s infrastructure, and take on corruption in Washington. Below are excerpts from the interview. Click here to watch the video


“This is appalling. This is the President of the United States, from the Oval Office, in the White House, saying that he would violate the law. That he would take something of value, which is essentially a campaign contribution from a foreign government, which is a violation of federal law. It's appalling that he would say that. The correct response is the response Mitt Romney gave, call the FBI immediately. It is not common practice, as the President suggested. Common practice is to do opposition research, not to get it from a foreign government. To hear the President of the United States say that, particularly after what we know happened in the last Presidential election is appalling.”

“It’s a very dangerous precedent. It compromises the national security of the United States when foreign adversaries think the President of the United States, and his campaign, is willing to take help from them.”

“Well this was the first, sort of show of good faith, the first review of an initial set of documents. Very small amount, obviously, of the total amount. But these were witness statements that were the basis of some of the contents of the Mueller report. Part of the agreement is not to share the contents while we do this review. But this is really just the beginning. We only saw a very small portion of it. Next week we will see additional documents.”

“It's important to remember that the Mueller report presents evidence that the President directed Don McGahn to fire the special counsel, then to deny that that happened and prepare a false document to deny that, that occurred. That he directed Corey Lewandowsky, an outside person, to contact the attorney general, to tell the special counsel to limit or curtail the special counsel's investigation. So the allegations in the Mueller report are serious evidence of the misconduct of this president. And the witness statements, and the reports we saw today confirm some of the contents of the report.”