Sorry Rural America -- Trump's Not Fighting For You

Mar 27, 2017

Today President Trump is holding a roundtable with small business owners, but if you live in Appalachia or rural America President Trump isn’t putting his money where his mouth is -- his budget proposal is not for you. It puts the needs of small town America on the chopping block by slashing investments for rural economic development.

Under the budget, the Appalachian Regional Commission – a 52-year-old federal agency that supports jobs in 420 counties across 13 states – will be eliminated. The proposal also aims to zero out the Economic Development Administration, which invests $250 million per year to support economic growth.  This means lost jobs and fewer opportunities for hardworking Americans across the country.

Click here for video of Democrats warning against the impact of Trump’s budget cuts on working families and rural America.

Courier Journal: “…is Trump keeping his promise to his Kentucky voters? Looks like that’s a big fat NO to me!”

Western Kentucky Star: “President Donald Trump's proposal to eliminate the Appalachian Regional Commission has alarmed many throughout the region…”

Washington Post: “Trump’s budget targets rural development programs that provide a quiet lifeline”

CQ Roll Call: “Trump Budget Cuts Slammed as Harmful to Small-Town America”

Vox: “So it’s striking that President Trump’s first budget proposal would slash and burn several key programs aimed at promoting economic development in coal regions.”

Lexington Herald Leader: “…his new budget proposal slashes billions from programs that make average people’s lives better.” “It would zero out money for…the Appalachian Regional Commission, which spent nearly $10 million on economic development programs in Ohio's 32 Appalachian counties since October, 2015.”

Senator Klobuchar: “…[the Trump budget] cuts the Department of Agriculture by 21 percent, slashing job-training and other vital programs throughout Midwestern farm states.”