A Better Deal


House Democrats are fighting to make sure that all working people know that somebody has their back. By giving our communities the tools they need to thrive, and empowering American families and workers, we will unlock unprecedented economic growth that will lead to better jobs, better wages, and a better future.

To unlock that future, Democrats are focusing on three goals:

Raise the wages and incomes of American workers and create millions of good-paying jobs: Our plan for A Better Deal starts by creating millions of good-paying, full-time jobs by directly investing in our crumbling infrastructure and prioritizing small business and entrepreneurs, instead of giving tax breaks to special interests. We will aggressively crack down on unfair foreign trade and fight back against corporations that outsource American jobs. We will fight to ensure a living wage for all Americans and keep our promise to millions of workers who earned a pension, Social Security and Medicare, so seniors can retire with dignity.

■ Lower the costs of living for families: We will offer A Better Deal that will lower the crippling cost of prescription drugs and the cost of a college or technical education that leads to a good job. We will fight for families struggling with high monthly bills like childcare, credit card fees, and cable bills. We will crack down on monopolies and the concentration of economic power that has led to higher prices for consumers, workers, and small business – and make sure Wall Street never endangers Main Street again.

Build an economy that gives working Americans the tools to succeed in the 21st Century: Americans deserve the chance to get the skills, tools, and knowledge to find a good-paying job or to move up in their career to earn a better living. We will commit to A Better Deal that provides new tax incentives to employers that invest in workforce training and education and make sure the rules of the economy support companies that focus on long-term growth, rather than short-term profits. We will make it a national priority to bring high-speed Internet to every corner of America and offer apprenticeships to millions of new workers. We will encourage innovation, invest in advanced research and ensure start-ups and small businesses can compete and prosper.

On September 14, Democrats added a fourth proposal – a bold new initiative to reduce the high cost of childcare for millions of working families.  This new initiative has been introduced as The Child Care for Working Families Act.  Click here to learn more about this initiative.

On September 28, Democrats added an additional proposal to bring high-speed internet to every farm, school and neighborhood at the lowest price. Click here to learn more.

On November 1, Democrats stood with labor leaders to unveil a new proposal to put workers’ rights first & strengthen their freedom & abilities to negotiate with employers. Click here to learn more.

On November 16, Democrats joined with retired Teamsters and miners to unveil a new plank of ‘A Better Deal’ that would ensure the pensions that American workers have earned over a lifetime of work are safeguarded and protected into the future. Click here to learn more.

On February 8, Democrats added a fifth proposal – a bold, comprehensive plan to make a historic $1 trillion federal investment to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure and create more than 16 million American jobs. This new initiative has been introduced as the A Better Deal to Rebuild America. Click here to learn more. 

On April 27, Democrats unveiled A Better Deal: Tools to Succeed in the 21st Century - which focuses on Democrats’ commitment to investing in America’s workers, pioneering future frontiers and modernizing government. Click here to learn more.

On May 7, Democrats unveiled A Better Deal for Public Housing & Ladders of Opportunity for American Families. A Reinvestment in America’s Public Housing: Empowering Residents, Creating Economic Opportunities, and Fostering Safe & Healthy Neighborhoods. Click here to learn more. 

On May 21, Democrats unveiled A Better Deal for Our Democracy - a comprehensive proposal will advance critical reforms to empower voters at the ballot box, bolster our nation’s ethics laws and overhaul our broken campaign finance system. Click here to learn more.

It’s time to put government back on the side of all Americans, not just those at the top. It’s time for A Better Deal.

Click here to read an op-ed written by the DPCC Co-Chairs published on CNN on July 24, 2017

Congresswoman Betty McCollum discusses the A Better Deal agenda during the Democratic Weekly Address: